JBW Group is a specialist debt recovery and enforcement company instructed to collect unpaid amounts owed to our clients from individuals or businesses. We recover a wide range of debts including unpaid council tax, business rates, utility bills, road traffic penalties, benefit overpayments, household and commercial rent and miscellaneous business debt.

JBW provides services to Local Authorities, Central Government, Solicitors, Property Management Companies, Commercial Landlords, Housing Associations and many other public and private companies nationwide.

There are various recovery options available to JBW and these are dependent on the instructions we have received from our client, the type and age of the debt and the amount you owe. JBW could undertake one or more of the following procedures to recover outstanding amounts owed to our clients:

  • We can send letters and make telephone calls to you or your organisation.
  • We can instruct an intelligence officer to attend your home or business address.
  • We can instruct our Enforcement Agents to attend your home/organisation to carry out recovery procedures which may involve the repossession/removal of the goods owned by you or your organisation.
  • We can impound your vehicle by way of a clamp and remove your vehicle for sale at public auction.
  • We can recommend our client seek a County Court Judgement and/or attempt to gain an attachment to your earnings directly from your salary, employer or benefits.
  • We can recommend our client commence proceedings for the winding up of your company.
  • We can serve a statutory demand/bankruptcy petition or apply for a third party debt order.
  • We can attend with locksmiths to forfeit your commercial lease for unpaid rent.
  • For certain debt types we may obtain a warrant to arrest you to appear at court immediately or at a later date.

You should arrange to pay priority debts before non-priority debts. A priority debt is one that could incur serious consequences if it remains unpaid and includes companies, like JBW, who can take the strongest recovery actions against you. Priority debts include: mortgage/rent arrears, council tax or rates, maintenance, child support, road traffic penalties, revenues & customs and magistrates court fines. JBW considers most of the arrears they are instructed to recover as priority debts.

You should contact one of our call centre operators, use our automated telephone service or alternatively log onto our website to offer a repayment plan. Please note that JBW is not obliged to accept any arrangement and it is at our discretion to offer this option. However, if applicable, our staff will attempt to establish an arrangement which suits your circumstances and our client's requirements. You may be asked to provide evidence of your circumstances to support such an arrangement.

You should contact the office immediately to discuss your arrears. Your arrangement may have become null and void. Dependent on the type of arrears a Enforcement/Recovery Agent may have been allocated to your account to attend your premises and commence full recovery procedures to clear the arrears. This may involve the removal of goods owned by you or your organisation.

You should contact JBW as soon as possible to explain the reason for your change in circumstances. Dependent on the type of arrears, your current arrangement plan and your circumstances, we may be able to discuss further payment options. You should not reduce your payment without firstly informing us, as your arrangement may become null and void and further recovery action may commence, this may also incur additional costs.

This depends on the type of debt you owe. For many debt types the cost of recovery is added to the amount you owe and is payable by you. By ensuring you contact us immediately to make payment the cost of recovery will remain minimal. The charges you could incur vary dependent on the type of debt, the amount of arrears and the client we are recovering the arrears for. You may also be charged for each letter we send, each visit we make and if we prompt legal action you will normally incur the legal charges.

Any costs incurred by yourself have been added to your arrears and contributed towards the amount(s) outstanding that you owe. Fees and charges are usually paid in advance of the arrears due to the client. If you attempt to avoid paying the fees by only paying the initial debt amount you will leave an outstanding balance to the client. Therefore recovery action will continue, further costs may be incurred and we will pursue you until your arrears are cleared in full.

You should not avoid contact with JBW as the debt will not go away. If you are too embarrassed or frightened to speak to JBW direct, you can either write to us or establish contact with us using the customer portal section on the JBW website: www.jbwgroup.co.uk. You can also make payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using our automated telephone line. Your failure to contact us immediately will result in recovery action proceeding and escalated costs being added to the amount you owe.

Before speaking to a debt management company, JBW suggest anyone experiencing debt problems should seek independent advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau (www.citizensadvice.org.uk) or from Community Legal Advice which is a free and confidential advice service paid for by legal aid. Call on 0845 345 4 345 or visit www.communitylegaladvice.org.uk.

Credit Reference Agencies hold information regarding a person's financial history commonly referred to as credit history. These records are not sorted or categorised under any 'blacklist' as there is no such thing as a 'blacklist'. Credit Reference Agencies provide your financial information to lenders (i.e. banks, building societies etc.) who use it along with their own guidelines to establish whether to grant you credit. If you fall into arrears your credit history will show this.

We are not obliged to suspend action on an account whilst you dispute the debt, unless instructed to do so by our client. We strongly suggest you make payment to JBW to stop recovery action commencing whilst disputing the debt. If your dispute is upheld our client will arrange recompense with you if applicable.

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